We are happy to share our insights and experience. In particular, we provide media partners with expert knowledge in the following areas:

Human resources: recruiting, human resources planning, human resources development, coaching, audits

Management: management competence, strategy, leadership, organisational development

Innovation: change, co-creation, digitalisation, new working environments

Job market: trends, professional application, professional (re)-positioning, career

Internationalisation: expansion, intercultural competence, CEE/SEE, merger support

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Othmar Hill

Othmar Hill

HILL Brand Ambassador

HILL International Network Office
Schwarzenbergplatz 7
1030 Wien

As a media representative, you may use the photos offered here free of charge.

However, please be aware of the credit of the photos:

Webersdorfer GmbH and a.c. schiffleitner (photo Dr. Othmar Hill)

Vom Schreibtisch zum Standesamt

Die Presse, 24/12/2016

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Vom Versagen politischer Auswahlprozesse

Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, 17/02/2017

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Für eine radikalere Gleichberechtigung von Frauen

Der Standard, 08/03/2017

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