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Othmar Hill

Othmar Hill

HILL Brand Ambassador

HILL International Network Office
Schwarzenbergplatz 7
1030 Wien

The business psychologist Dr. Othmar Hill founded HILL International back in 1975. This was the basis for the development of the HILL network, which exists in 25 countries today. The HILL founder is not only a long-term successful entrepreneur and pioneer in CEE: as a personnel and management mentor, he is one of the most well-known and distinguished in his field.

Global corporations as well as local SMEs could benefit from his know-how in recent decades. His main areas of responsibility include strategy, leadership workshops and management support.

Othmar Hill is the developer of the HILL Competence Analysis© or the occupational compass for AMS Austria (Austrian Employment Agency). He is the inventor of "humanistic management" and a specialist in intercultural management. He sees himself simply as a "destiny manager" - in line with the guiding principle "Navigate your Destiny", he is able to give individuals and companies the compass to help them navigate their destiny into the right direction.

In the HILL network, Othmar Hill is not just a founder, but a passionate networker, lateral thinker and source of ideas.

Due to the clarity of his statements, he is a sought-after speaker and discussant on frequently controversial topics in the areas of the world of work, society and business psychology.

HILL stands for accompanying you in moments that shape your destiny: from individual career management to corporate positioning. In order to ensure a sustainable effect, we have dialogues about profound topics. We digitally link sympathetic managers to generate the power of transformation in the economy and society.
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